Dos and don’ts in Chiang Mai

Dos and don'ts in Chiang Mai Traditions and Religion in Thailand The king… is very important to Thai people, and he and his image must be shown the utmost respect.

1. Buddha image and monks…
must be respected as well. Women should definitely not touch a monk nor hand anything directly to him.

2. Bo tree…
is a large tree commonly found in cities. Often wrapped in a saffron robe, the Bo tree is sacred because it is under this tree that Buddha attained enlightenment. Don’t show any disrespect. Keep your dogs away !

3. Drugs…
Take or carry drugs at your own risk. The risks are real and numerous, including fines and penalties.

4. Dress…
Don’t wear revealing clothing especially when going to a temple.

5. Nude…
Don’t sunbathe or swim nude at the river or lake.

6. Feet….
Being the least liked part of the body keep them low, especially never point at someone with the foot. Don’t ever rest your feet on another person ! Sit on them if you are in audience of a monk , Don’t step over someone… Even in a train excuse yourself first.

7. Hands and fingers….
Don’t wave your hands around when trying to explain or stress a point. Don’t use your fingers to point to another person, use our lips, chin and eyes.. For taxi or waitress, extend the arm palm downward and wriggle the finger toward you.

8. Head….
Don’t touch another’s head including stranger’s children Don’t pass in front of a superior or an elder with your head higher than theirs.

9. Hello, Good bye , Please, Thank you
are not used nearly as often as in the Western world.

10. Paying….
Inviter or superior usually pays.

11. Bargain….
Don’t be afraid to bargain for the purchases except at the restaurants and department store.

12. Sex…
with the children against the law. Sex…. protect yourself always use condoms ! !

13. Temper…
Try to control your anger or frustration. Getting angry usually makes things worse