I studied Thai with teacher Lah and I can tell that she has a very effective teaching method. In just a few months I am able to read Thai and have a basic conversation with literally no study at home. Strongly recommended!

Ho studiato Thai con la maestra Lah e posso dire che lei ha un metodo di insegnamento molto efficace. In pochi mesi infatti, sono riuscito ad imparare a leggere il Thai e riesco a fare una conversazione base senza aver studiato a casa. Veramente consigliata!

Enrico Pantono

Student speaks write Thai. Ah-jaan Lah Teaching methods very efficient

I’ve worked at a human rights NGO in Chiang Mai and have been studying with Ajarn Lah for the past two years. I feel incredibly lucky to have her as my teacher. She is always so full of energy (try going to a morning session) and there is never a dull moment in class. I will miss my time with Ajarn, and most of all, her stories, which sometimes have me crying from laughter and are always profound.


NGO – Human Rights Hongkong Student

NGO student in Chiang Mai recommends Ajaan Lah

I am an exchange student through rotary and I am studying Thai with teacher Lah for a week while traveling in Chiang Mai. I studied with teacher Lah only one week and I have gotten to see myself improve in speaking reading and writing. Teacher Lah has perfect skill in teaching Thai! We speak together and she corrects me when I am wrong. I feel like I have improved quickly. I feel lucky to be teacher Lah’s student

ฉันเป็นนักเรียนเยาวชนแลกเปลี่ยนของโรตารีที่ภาคเหนือ ฉันเรียนกับอาจารย์หล้าได้แค่หนึ่งอาทิตย์ ฉันสังเกตุเห็นจริงๆว่าทักษะในการพูด อ่าน และเขียนของฉันดีขึ้นมากเลยค่ะ. อาจารย์หล้ามีความรู้เกี่ยวกับการสอนภาษาไทยเป็นอย่างมากค่ะ. เราพูดด้วยกันและเขาจะแก้ให้ฉันเมื่อฉันออกเสียงไม่ถูกค่ะ. ฉันรู้สึกและสังเกตุได้ว่าฉันกำลังเรียนเร็วขั้นในช่วงเวลาแค่สั้นๆค่ะ ฉันรู้สึกโชคดีจริงๆและมีความสุขที่เป็นนักเรียนของอาจารย์หล้าค่ะ

Youth Exchange – Rotary International

Exchange student recommends skilled teacher Lah, improving speaking reading writing

“You have such a special, hilarious, luminescent energy! Learning Thai with you has been one of the most memorable and quote-worthy part of my time in Chiang Mai.”

“Thank you so much for everything you have given me over the last two and a half years. Your guidance and mentorship (and endless stories) were so important to getting me to where I am today.” “I have so enjoyed being your student and friend over the past 6 months”

“Wow, you’ve made my time in Chiang Mai so much more special and I’m looking forward to spending the next year learning and laughing with you.”

PIA – Princetown in Asia

Students thankful to teacher Lah for guidance mentorship enjoying lessons and Chiangmai

I came to Chiang Mai about a year ago with five other Princeton-in-Asia Fellows, graduates of Princeton University, Northwestern University, and Williams College. I think I speak for all of us when I say that our Chiang Mai experience would not have been the same without Ajaan Lah and her Thai lessons. After studying with her for almost one year, I have not only learnt enough Thai to communicate with locals and coworkers, but I have also learnt how to play poker and lose with dignity (kind of). All jokes aside, Ajaan Lah will get you speaking Thai, whether you like it or not (you will). Kawpkoon maak ka, Ajaan Lah!

PIA – Princetown in Asia

Ajaan Lah and PIA university students

As soon as I moved to Thailand to teach English at Chiang Mai University as a fellow with Princeton in Asia, Ajarn Lah was highly recommended as the person to go to if you wanted to learn to both read and properly speak Thai. Ajarn Lah is an extremely talented, passionate, and diligent teacher who ensures that you succeed in learning the Thai language. After only studying with Ajarn Lah for a few months, I was able to read the Thai menu at restaurants! Her self-created workbooks are extremely helpful and her emphasis on correct pronunciation ensured that I no longer had the blank stare of incomprehension I was often faced with when I tried to speak Thai during my first few months in the country. She is also incredibly funny and passionate, making every class both enjoyable and instructive. I highly recommend Ajarn Lah to anyone who wants to learn Thai! – Lydia

Lydia – PIA students

Learn read and speak Thai Teacher Lah Highly recommended

Ajaan Lah is without doubt a very gifted teacher. It’s not easy to teach a language so different for us westerners, it takes discipline and intelligence, but also imagination, patience and a sense of fun, to avoid the lessons becoming repetitive and boring.  Thank you Lah for accepting me with friendship as a student and for insisting all the time on correct pronounciation.  Unfortunately many foreigners that study Thai without discipline end up butchering the language, but I assure you Lah will not let this happen to you, she will guide you with patience and commitment in your studies.  After studying with Lah for four months I often receive favourable comments on my pronounciation from the people I talk with.  At the same time I have had a good time and have learned a lot about thai culture also, which is an essential element of the language and its most used idiomatic expressions.  Good luck and happy learning.

Ajaan Lah e’ senza dubbio un’insegnante molto abile. Non e’ facile insegnare una lingua cosi’ diversa per noi europei, servono disciplina e intelligenza, ma anche immaginazione, pazienza e senso dell’umorismo per evitare che lo studio diventi ripetitivo e noioso.  Grazie Lah di avermi accolto con amicizia come studente, e di insistere continuamente sulla pronuncia corretta. Purtroppo molti stranieri che imparano il Thai senza disciplina finiscono per massacrare la lingua, vi assicuro questo non succedera’ con Lah, che con pazienza e disciplina vi guidera’ in questo percorso.  Dopo aver studiato con Lah per quattro mesi, molto spesso le persone con cui parlo commentano favorevolmente sulla chiarezza della mia pronuncia.  Allo stesso tempo mi sono divertito molto ed ho imparato anche molto sulla cultura Thai, che e’ un elemento integrale dell’apprendimento della lingua e delle sue espressioni idiomatiche piu’ usate.  Buona fortuna e buon studio.

Marco Tosi – Italy

A-jaan Lah is very committed to students

I have studied Thai from two teachers before,but I have never found a method that worked for me until we started studying together.  You are very committed to your students and it showns through your teaching style.  I have no doubt that with your level of dedication, you will accomplish all of your goals.

Collin Ferguson – USA

A-jaan Lah is very committed to your students and it showns through her teaching style.

After I visited Thailand for several times and managed everything without speaking the Thai language I was no longer content with this. So I started looking for an opportunity to learn the language. Because I did not like a groupwise teaching, I had to look for a tutor to give one-on-one teaching.  I found “a-jaan Lah” on the internet and contacted her.  She is very clear about her system of teaching. You have to chose between two ways of learning: only conversation or reading and writing followed by speaking.  Don’t be mistaken by the effort you have to put in!  I only got six weeks and this was just enough to learn some basic knowledge about this language and enable you in speaking and understanding some standard phrases in several situations.  As a teacher she is very keen about you to learn it the right way.  It is a serious business, but she is not always too serious.  You can have a laugh as well.  I enjoyed that I have been a student of a-jaan Lah and can recommend it to everybody who wants to make a serious effort to learn more about Thailand..

Nadat ik al een aantal jaren naar Thailand op vakantie was geweest en steeds alles met behulp van de engelse taal had kunnen regelen, beviel mij dat uiteindelijk toch niet helemaal. Daarom besloot ik naar een mogelijkheid te zoeken om de taal te leren spreken en verstaan.  Omdat ik geen zin had in  groepslessen, moest ik dus op zoek naar een lera(a)r(es) die individueel les kon geven.  Ik vond “a-jaan Lah” op het internet en nam contact met haar op. Zij is heel duidelijk over de methode en aanpak die zij gebruikt. Je moet vooraf een keuze maken tussen twee opties: alleen conversatie of lezen/schrijven gevolgd door spreken. Vergis je niet in de moeite die je moet doen om de taal te leren! Omdat ik zelf maar zes weken de tijd had, bleek dat net voldoende om voldoende basiskennis op te doen waarmee je in diverse situaties dmv een aantal standaard zinnen zowel kunt spreken als verstaan.Als lerares legt zij vooral de nadruk op het aanleren van de juiste uitspraak. Het is een serieuze aangelegenheid, maar zij neemt het gelukkig niet steeds te serieus, er is ook gelegenheid om te lachen. Ik heb met veel plezier de lessen van “a-jaan Lah” gevolgd en kan het iedereen aanraden, die van plan is meer werk te maken van het leren kennen van Thailand

Robert Klarenbeek – Holland

Conversation  reading  writing speaking Thai language

Understanding Thai language for beginner is not always easy.  Although, It does not mean that Thai itself is impossible to understand and master on it. It just required seriousness, diligent and a person, such us a professional Thai teacher to help.

I, personally as a beginner, one thing that very important in order to be able to speak Thai in a correct way is the tone. Our pronunciation should be correct tone and clear, otherwise we will mispronounce the words, and the meaning will also be different. Teacher Lah is very good in directing all of her students to be able to speak Thai with correct tone. She is professional and has experience for 7 years teaching Thai for foreigners. She has her own very good methods to teach Thai. I was helped so much with her methods.

Belajar bahasa Thai bagi pemula tentu tidak selalu mudah. Tetapi hal itu bukan berarti bahwa bahasa tersebut tidak bisa dipelajari. Yang dibutuhkan adalah sebuah keseriusan dan ketekunan, dan tentu saja dengan batuan guru bahasa yang profesional. Bagi saya, salah satu hal yang terpenting dalam berbahasa Thai adalah pengucapan kata-kata yang jelas dengan nada intonasi yang benar. Salah intonasi bisa mengakibatkan salah makna. Guru Lah sangat mengerti kenadala utama murid-muridnya terutama dalam pengucapan. Beliau termasuk guru yang professional di bidang pengajaran Bahasa Thai bagi “foreign”. Beliau sudah berpengalaman mengajar bahasa Thai 7 tahun. Beliau mempunyai metode-metode yang sangat baik dalam mengupayakan setiap muridnya mampu mengucapkan bahasa Thai dengan jelas dan benar/tepat. Saya sangat terbantu dengan metode-metode pengajaran dari beliau.

Yosep Jonal Indonisia

Teaching method to Learn correct Thai pronunciation.

Dearest Teacher Lah, It’s my honor to have you as my third language (TTL) teacher. I feel especially lucky to have found you among those dazzled internet sites.Through ten days of intensive study with you, has enhancing the value of my trip in Chiang Mai!

I now realized finding a good teacher plays an important role in language study. To me, language is not just a concept of communicating, but it’s a great extension of its own culture and reveals one’s personality indeed.  

Teacher Lah, you have expressed Thai’s exclusive beauty and brought it into live with your own way of passion. Time has escaped instantly, I will be back again for my continuing progress. Thank you!

很榮信也很幸運 能找到這麼一位出色的好老師讓我在這趟清邁學習之旅 變的更具意義我深刻體會一位好的老師 在語言學習上扮演多麼吃重的角色雖然只有短短十天 卻讓我能深刻體會 語言不只是溝通的橋梁它更是文化本身的延伸 又能真實反映出個人特質能量透過您對教學的摯熱 讓我體會到泰文獨有之美快被人們遺忘的敬重與禮儀 在言語中表覽無遺強力推薦 (Lah) 啦~ 

Jonathan Taiwan

Teacher Lah, expresses Thai’s exclusive beauty and brings it ito life with her own way of passion.

Thank you for going slowly when I didn’t understand.  Thank you for praising me when you knew I needed it.   Thank you for pushing me when I thought I couldn’t do it.  Thank you for showing me new things.  Thank you for making me laugh.  Thank you for challenging me.  Thank you for motivating me.  Thank you for talking and listening.  Thank you for being a good and kind teacher I will never forget.

Leslie Campbell – Canada

Challenging  motivating talking and listening

We say in German “Maskos do not drop from the sky,  There is skill along way of practicing ahead…and narrow and story is the way that reach to the blessings of understanding Thai ! “  So, we hope you continue as you did to teach us in your patient and professional way !

Wolfram Spreer
Ulrich Shuler – Germany

Professional Teaching

Before starting my lessons with teacher Lah I thought I could already speak some decent Thai at a basic level. What I didn’t realize at this time was that the different sounds and intonations were crucial in understanding and speaking the Thai language, this is something I think Westerners don’t pick up automatically. Formal lessons in the Thai language are therefore indispensable for being able to communicate competently and enjoyably in it. The personal lessons and attention from teacher Lah have improved my Thai-language level a lot in a short time. I am very satisfied with her and her teaching methods and I’m planning to learn a lot more in the future.

Voordat ik mijn lessen begon bij Lah dacht ik al wel een beetje Thais te kunnen spreken. Wat ik me toen nog niet besefte was dat de verschillende klanken en intonatie van cruciaal belang zijn voor het begrijpen en spreken van de Thaise taal, dit is denk ik ook iets wat wij Westerlingen niet vanzelfsprekend oppikken. Formele lessen in de Thaise taal zijn daarom onmisbaar om hierin vaardig en prettig te kunnen communiceren. De persoonlijke lessen en aandacht van Lah hebben mijn Thais in korte tijd op een hoger niveau gebracht. Ik ben zeer tevreden over haar lesmethoden en ben van plan in de toekomst nog veel van haar te leren.

Johan Van Leersum Holland

Formal lessons in Thai language are necessary to communicate

Patrick (Alo) Connaughten – Ireland

Thank you accepting me as a student although you already had a busy schedule.  Before I met you personally I told you I was in my mid-sixties.  That normally, is enough to prompt a teacher to say “no” in some polite way. You have been a demanding teacher, but in the correct way, because you insisted so much on correct pronunciation, I now feel confident that I have a solid foundation.   I admired your great patience, your calm and your humour.   Le gach dea ghui ( with every good wish )

The few moments we’ve spent together over the last 3 weeks have been fantastic.

Each lesson has been helpful and entertaining and we’re fortunate to have scratched the surface of the Thai language with your help.

Mike Hovanes & Janette Searle- Canada

Thai language lesson helpful and entertaining

Learning Thai is not just about what you read in a book. You brought the Thai language to life for us. You taught us about culture and people as well as words.

With you as our teacher we have learned to communicate and enjoy all aspects of life in Thailand.

Marjorie & Paul Hilts   USA.

Marjorie & Paul Hilts USA.

Teaching Language Culture Communication and Life in Thailand

Without a doubt, A-jaan Lah is one of the very best Thai language teachers in Chiangmai. She is dedicated to her students and a task-master with regards to teaching the tones correctly.

She is a go-getter who is curious about life and all its’ aspects and easy to engage in conversation. On my ‘Thai teacher 1 to 10 Scale’  she is a solid 10

Benji Cogswell – USA

A-jaan Lah very best Thai language teacher in Chiangmai.

I think you are a good teacher and I have progressed considerably under your tutelage. 

Thank you and I have recommended you to all budding Thai students

John Carragher – Australia

High progress learning Thai language

Thank you so much for teaching me over the past 8 months.  Each and every lesson has been well thought out and planned so I have learned the important vocab that I have needed to communicate with Thai people.

You have not just helped me with Thai language but also any other problems I have had since I have been here.  I can’t ever begin to tell  you how much I appreciate that.

Ryan Best – England

Lessons well planned to teach vocabulary and communication with Thai people

I took Thai lessons with Ajaan Lah for over one year, and found her methods to be very effective. I have learned more Thai language than I would have expected in that time period. Ajaan Lah also has a very pleasant personality, which made the learning time enjoyable. If you are planning to learn the Thai language, I would highly recommend Ajaan Lah as a teacher.

Mathew – Australia Anntoinette – Holland

Recommend Ajaan Lah as Teacher 
for  learning Thai, her pleasant personality and enjoyable learning time.

A-jaan Lah has brought the Thai languageThai culture to life for me. Thank you so much for all the time, energy, patience, persistance and sense of humor you’ve invested in my studies.

NGO-Build House

Thai language and Thai culture brought to life for student

‘I can heartily recommend A-jaan Lah as a Thai teacher. Her patient yet motivated style has seen me develop my Thai language skills much faster than I would have expected. Through her combination of rote learning and the encouragement of improvisational conversational I have found myself developing fast confidence in my Thai speaking ability.
Her teaching is systematic enough to provide a clear learning structure, but also free and fun enough to allow students to choose their own priorities and emphasis. For me, it was definitely the right fit.’

Josh Bird – Sheila Palm Australia

Student developed Thai Language skills